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The Bohemian Rhapsody Tale to Success. Chapter 1: Values, the cornerstone.

Many would say that Freddie Mercury was one of a kind, a special gem, a fortunate gift from GOD to humankind but what I really see is a man full of passion, drive, direction, personality, fervour and hours and hours of flow behind his back.

Many would say he was a man full of dark moments, mysterious, eccentric and vicious and ended up just the way he lived his life. But I see uniqueness, living a life in the fullest, spearing each and every second to create, finding inspiration and turning it into a melody.

Through the following 3 chapters of The Bohemian Rhapsody Tale to Success, I would like you to come and join me to understand why I believe this “poor little boy, nobody loves me” character has made it into our hearts and has captivated me to understand his life and what made him a true legend that will live forever.

Let´s start by laying out that Freddie´s parents were highly devoted to Zarathustra, an Iranian Prophet which had a huge influence on him and would accompany him consciously or unconsciously in all his actions and decisions in life.

When analysing the Zarathustra prophet, we observe that he had god whom he praised called Aura Mazda, and who was accompanied by 6 spirits representing: truth, justice, order, docility, vitality and immortality.

After reviewing, reading and analysing all existing documentaries of Freddie and Queen, I have come to the realization that although Freddie would not entirely agree with me, that his life was centred on these 6 main values which accompanied him up to his last days.

The value of truth for Freddie had been his flagship from the start, as teenager he was driven to the arts and music and ended up pursuing a degree in Arts & Graphic Design against all odds and family pressure who wanted him to be an accountant. By then he realised that his real passion was singing and performing, and when he joined Smile, that was the time when his real truth came out his emotional talent put into music.

“I want to be as my honest self” from The Freddie Mercury Documentary,1995.
“I still write songs the way I feel it and if it means that the song that I like needs something that is old fashion I will still do it because I never let the song down, the song comes first” from The Freddie Mercury Documentary 1995.

Justice for Freddie was perceived during his whole career with Queen, mainly regarding song writing credits. There was a non-spoken rule for Freddie, which the rest of the members later on discovered that whoever brought in the first lyrics or tunes of the song was the acknowledged writer of the final song, in words of former band member Brian May. Also, there came to appoint in Queen´s career in which he decided that he wouldn´t be writing any song for any record deal, unless he was paid appropriately for it.

While recording songs, Freddie seemed to have a clear road map on what, where, when and why he would do the things he did and took the decisions he took, his ordered mind kept him going and envisioning extraordinary songs that had to be done exactly the time and moment he wanted. A very representative moment was when Bohemian Rhapsody was being recorded. Brian May remembers that his notes for the song were chaotic but “… it´s all in Freddie´s mind in this time” from Inside The Rhapsody (Bohemian Rhapsody mini documentary, 2002).

One of Freddie´s worst moments was in 1980 to 1984, when everything just went down and worse, during his time with Paul Prenter. His influence and manipulation over Freddie during those years made him move away from everyone, and brought him to a spiral of isolation and ultimately unhappiness. The power that Paul had over Freddie. Caged him like a bird and made him follow his advice.

Finally, vitality was palpable in every show, in very composition, in every interview, in every video… Freddie was pure energy and he couldn´t keep it inside, but instead shared it through the world in the only way he knew: performing songs. Also he was very determined to be genuine, different, to be remembered “I will not be a pop star… I am going to be a legend” from the documentary of Queen days of our Lives.

“I will not be a pop star… I am going to be a legend” from the documentary of Queen days of our Lives.

So after analysing all of this, what can we learn from Freddie? What piece of Freddie could we apply to our lives? Was he aware that he was driven by his own values? Was he aware of his authenticity? In his darkest moments, did he come to distrust his inner values?

I would actually say YES, OF COURSE! He absolutely needed to come back home, to come back to his loved ones, his family, to QUEEN, to true love and happiness which was his true driving force in life.

Freddie has taught me that values make us who we are, and they guide us when days filled with stress, anxiety and unhappiness takes place. They can make us realize that it is time to get back to basics, to find out who we really are and what we stand for in life.

Let us take back our true #values, and make them guide our way. Take this time as an opportunity to bring us back to ourselves, to what makes sense, to peace, to clarity and ultimately to happiness.

Start answering these questions first, and find yourself a quiet room or go outside walking in the streets or in the countryside… find time for you and try to answer the following:

  • What makes you genuinely you?

  • What makes you wake up everyday?

  • Where do you place your heart?

  • Where do you place yourself?

  • What makes you happy?

  • What is your honest truth?

Discovering more about your values will help you live a stable and aligned life, a perfect harmony and balance between your professional and personal life.

Are you ready to live your life to the fullest just like Freddie?

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